A team of Teachers

The teacher exchange presupposes that each teacher records your progress regularly, conscientiously on a card, making particular mention of the mistakes you make.

1.  Through lessons with several teachers you will have an experience that is like using              the language practice of everyday life.
     More or less clearly, faster or slower, more or less fluently, everyone has his own                  way of speaking.

2.  A team of several teachers guarantees substantially higher quality teaching.
     Every teacher can trace not only your progress in the classroom, but also how well              his colleagues have taught you previously.
     Through consultation with the other teachers, he can give constructive criticism                    positive suggestions that will benefit you.
     On the other hand, he will automatically make a greater effort if he knows that his                instruction can be assessed by subsequent teachers.

3.  If you have only a single teacher and he is ill or cannot teach for other reasons,you will       be confronted unexpectedly with a new and completely unknown teacherand could          experience a shock.
     Only an experienced team of teachers can guarantee perfect continuity of your                    course.

4.  Since you learn from a team and know several teachers, you always have the option of      choosing the teacher or teachers which seem most suitable for you.
     With a single teacher, you will not have this option.

5.  If you belong the relatively large number of people who have difficulties making                    contact with strangers, our experience has shown that lessons be with team can help        reduce your inhibitions.

6.  In intensive courses with 4 or more lessons per day, having more than one teacher

     is ideal for all involved because the teaching is more varied and animated.

     Pedagogical Card