Never buy a pig in a poke

Get a personal consultation to see how you will be taught


In this way you will learn more about the quality
of a school than from the nicest rochure. 

Let your previous knowledge be tested  orally
by a teacher 

During the test you will have the opportunity to get to know one of your teachers personally. 
Only gifted teachers are worth your momey.
Written tests do not provide any information about pronounciation, fluency or speech tempo.

Anyone who believes that instruction in large groups in which one hardly gets a chance to speak is a good way to save money, is on the wrong track.


You can’t lean a language by listening! Avoid language schools with classes of more than 7 students. 

See where you will be taught.

Learning is a pleasure in friendly, bright and appealingy furnished rooms.
An atmosphere where you feel of ease is necessary for succsessfull learning.   

Request a team of several teachers. 

Only a team can guarantee the continuity of a course. Only a team can prevent the unwanted interruption of a course caused by hollydays or illnes of a teacher. 
A healty competition amongst teachers is widely known to improve teaching quality.  
Several teachers make the lesson more varied and moreinteresting. By speaking with several teachers, the classes approximate real life conversation with different people. This promotes understanding considerably .     
If you nevertheless always want to have the same teacher, you will have the opportunity to select the one you like the most after you have worked with
them all.  
The feedback of more teachers improves your learning succsess. On one hand a teacher not only determines what his students have learnt in his lessons, but he can also monitor the teaching of the other teachers (his predecessors).