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    spoken by Mrs Astrid Steyer

    The Orsini School is located
    near the city centre, at a tram stop,
    1 minute from the biggest parking
    garage of the city, 5 minutes from
    the main station, on the top of a new
    building with green terraces and
    a view of the town.

    The learning material mainly made by us
    will be constantly upgraded as per
    the requirements of the time and therefore
    fits the purpose of our lessons exactly.

    Group lessons with 2 – 5 or 6 – 12 persons*
    start once a month.
    You can participate in ongoing courses for
    2 lessons without payment.

    An oral test helps us to determine your
    language level and which group you
    should be in.

    Of course with us you can take
    private tuition, the fastest way to learn
    a language. You yourself choose the
    days and the time.

    With us you learn the language by
    . You speak more than
    the teacher, because only by

    speaking you will learn to speak.

    Our long-standing success and the
    excellent reputation of our school
    are based on this method.

    * New: Group lessons with 2 or 3 – 7 persons.